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Known for their 11046371_996966913655819_2885900502890452974_ncharismatic, creative, and emotive performances, Troupe ‘Hip’notic has been performing their eclectic belly dance fusion throughout the mid-Atlantic since their formation in 2004. Troupe ‘Hip’notic is a collective of women who respectfully borrow from traditional music and belly dance, while incorporating contemporary music and dance styles into their performances.  As a purely democratic entity, everyone’s thoughts, ideas, and talents go into the entire creative process – from conception to costuming, from storyboarding to stage. For them, the entire artistic process is just as important as the final developed choreography. Over the years, their style has evolved to be increasingly more theatrical. They love to tell a story through characters, emotivity, and movement, and especially, to evoke specific, strong emotions from their audiences. They aim to envelope you in the world of their piece, and to lead you on a journey through their stories.  32384_474427285935725_1877489893_nThe troupe members have studied a variety of Middle Eastern dance styles (ATS, ITS, Egyptian, orientale, folkloric, etc.) that all tend to be incorporated into our choreographies, and all end up influencing their dancing.

They continually pursue instruction with nationally and internationally renowned teachers to grow as artists and dancers.  Their regular instructors include Belladonna (Washington, DC; tribal fusion) and Latifa (Annapolis, MD; Egyptian oriental and folkloric).  Many of us have taken workshops and short intensives with Zoe Jakes, Mira Betz, Mardi Love, Sera Solstice, Kim Leary, Donna Mejia, Shems, and Asharah, among many others.