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October 19th, Troupe ‘Hip’notic was proud to perform once again as a part of Yucy El-Banan’s Arabian Nights Show at the Decoy Lounge in Colony South Hotel in Clinton, MD. Yucy puts together a wonderful showcase and our troupe always has a blast performing there. The audience is always so much fun. This was the debut of our new full troupe sword routine!  It has been said that there’s nothing quite like a whole troupe balancing shining scimitars!

UPDATE: below is a photo of the sword routine, and you can see more pictures from the show in the gallery HEREtroupe-swords_medium.jpg


Return from Rakkasah East!

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Four members of Troupe ‘Hip’notic have just returned from Rakkasah East…we’re tired and sore, but thrilled to have been able to take classes from so many world famous dancers (including Suhaila Salimpour, Ansuya, and Fahtiem)! We had so many wonderful and awe-inspiring moments at the festival, but the most unexpected was that Eddie “The Sheik” Kochak surprised everyone by showing up! There was an annoucement between performances that Eddie Kochak was in the audience, which really caused quite a stir in the audience. Shortly after this, we ran into him at dinner and had the opportunity to meet him, talk a little and even snapped a picture with him. He was very nice, and loved hearing that we all danced to his music in our first beginner bellydance classes. Later that evening he gave a short (and very funny) improv performance at the festival, which was just amazing to see since it was one of those once-in-a-lifetime events. We were so excited to meet such a middle eastern music legend that we had to post this picture. So here we are with Eddie “The Sheik” Kochak! More photos from our Rakkasah adventure can be found HERE.
From left: Becca, Eddie Kochak, Kartana & Aaminah.eddie-kochak2.jpg

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Troupe ‘Hip’notic performs an original choreography at St. Mary’s County Fair 2006.

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