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Photos, Events & Classes…

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Lot’s of news and updates!

-We just posted some photos from our March performance at Yucy’s Arabian Nights show.
To see the album click HERE

-Anon’s ATS classes begin April 3 at Henna Moon Studios in Chesapeake Beach.   For more information on classes and location, click HERE

-Our next performance is at Cafe Spice in Towson on April 20th  at 3:45pm at the All Seasons Hafla.  This is a special “All-Troupe” show featuring: Egyptian Sun, Sestraluna, Troupe Hip’notic, BellyDance Delight, Gypsy Fusion and Tribe MiaNaja.
Cafe Spice, 321 York Rd, Towson , MD 21204
$20 entry with Indian buffet

You can find more details HERE