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Lament of the Angels

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ARM_5681-X2Hosted by Belladonna and Ken Vegas at The Birchmere, Raven’s Night is one of the DC-Metro Area’s premier bellydance shows. It’s a juried show, and we’re always excited and honored to be accepted to perform at this amazing event. Each year has a different theme, and 2015 was “Supernatural”.  We developed a piece we entitled, “Lament of the Angels” – under the context of war and environmental destruction, exploring how angels might feel when faced with the decision of obeying God’s plan when perhaps not agreeing with it.

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“As messengers of the Divine, our purpose is to guide and protect you, and carry out God’s will on Earth. Yet as inherently imperfect humans, you ignore our pleas of peace and veer ever closer to war and destruction. God has a plan, but not all agree with it.
What are we angels to do – toe God’s line, or fall from grace?”



We’re back!

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Hi everyone, we had some site issues, but we’re back and have been trying to rebuild. As always, our facebook page generally has our most recent updates, as well as teasers for our upcoming set!