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ARM_5671-X2Anon was first introduced to bellydance at the tender young age of 5. Her grandmother had a cheeky 70s bellydance record that she and her cousin would beg her to play. As soon as Anon’s grandmother started to make her way to the stereo cabinet, the girls would run to her sewing room and stuff their waistbands with scraps of fabric. Then, when the music played, they would shake and shimmy until dizzy and tired.

Sadly, Anon didn’t return to bellydance until 2002 when she and some friends attended a local arts and crafts festival where bellydancing was listed in the entertainment schedule. Watching them was indescribable. At that moment, Anon knew that she had to learn bellydance! As soon as possible, Anon began taking classes and practicing regularly and later began buying music and costuming. Within a years time, Anon was dancing publicly at student-level events.

As time progressed, she sought instruction with other instructors (Latifa and Yucy) and attended any workshops she had the time and money for. Concurrently, Anon and fellow classmates would meet for 2-3 hours weekly to practice class movements and choreographies. Inevitably, they soon evolved into a fledgling dance group simply seeking out dance opportunities at fun local events and venues. Shortly thereafter they evolved further still to create a more formal and structured dance troupe -Troupe ‘Hip’notic.424822_360801640605686_259006779_n

Then, Anon moved. Gasp! She was offered a job in Oregon that resulted in her leaving Troupe ‘Hip’notic and her much missed dance sistas! Prior to leaving, Anon sought out information regarding the bellydance scene in Newport. She was saddened to learn that there currently wasn’t any bellydance to be found in Newport. Oh no! Anon felt completely disheartened. But then, within her first week at her new job, someone asked if shenot a decision one should take lightly, so after some serious internal dialog and debate, she made her decision to begin teaching and to bring bellydance back to the Newport community. Anon taught Beginner Level 1 and Beginner Level 2 classes at the Newport Parks and Recreation Center and loved every minute of it! She also took extensive instruction from Gypsy Caravan in Portland, OR.

Anon has returned to Maryland and to Troupe ‘Hip’notic! She taught American Tribal Style (ATS) classes in April 2008 at the Henna Moon Studio in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland.

Troupe member since 2004
Regular Class 1918360_100729673288211_6839389_nInstruction (2003-present): Latifa, Asharah, Shems, Belladonna, Gypsy Caravan, Yucy El-Banan, Veda Sereem
Workshops: Shems, Yasmin, Sera Solstice, Heather Stants, Sharon Kihara (BDSS), Mira Betz, Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, Zoe Jakes, Olivia Kissel & Maria Hamer (Zafira), John Compton, Belladonna, Mavi, Asharah, Yucy El-Banan, Latifa, Piper, Colleena, Sabine, Janice Solimeno, Elizabeth Strong, Carolena of FCBD, Tribal Feet, Gypsy Caravan Company, Astryd Farah deMichele, Amy Sigil of UNMATA, Ayisha, Artemis


Anon’s Workshop History


  • Combinations for Improvisation and Choreography; Rachel Brice (The Indigo); Silver Spring, Maryland, March 30th
  • Sultry Moves with an Old Timey Sensibility; Zoe Jakes (The Indigo); Silver Spring, Maryland, March 30th
  • The Sweet and Low Down; Mardi Love (The Indigo); Silver Spring, Maryland, March 29th
  • Dancing with Intention; Zoe Jakes (The Indigo); Silver Spring, Maryland, March 29th
  • Unleashing the Inner Spaz!!!; Zoe Jakes (The Indigo); Silver Spring, Maryland, March 28th
  • Skillet of Snakes; Mardi Love (The Indigo); Silver Spring, Maryland; March 28th
  • Tribal Fusion Combinations; Asharah; Chesapeake Beach, Maryland; February 23rd


  • Balancing Workshop with Romka; Romka; Clinton, Maryland; May 6th


  • Balancing Workshop with Romka; Romka; Clinton, Maryland; May 6th
  • Indian/Arabic Fusion with Colleena; TQNW: Collena; Portland, Oregon; August 6th
  • Double Swords: Doubly Dangerous with Sabine; TQNW: Sabine; Portland, Oregon; August 5th
  • Modernizing and Integrating Tunisian Dance into a Tribal Repertoire with Janice Solimeno; TQNW: Janice Solimeno; Portland, Oregon; August 5th
  • Floor Work Strengthening and Choreography with Elizabeth Strong; TQNW: Elizabeth Strong; Portland, Oregon; August 4th
  • Beyond Basics: Bellyrolls and Flutters with Carolena of FatChanceBellyDance; TQNW: Carolena of FCBD; Portland, Oregon; August 4th
  • Dancing with Fire with Tribal Feet; TQNW: Tribal Feet; Portland, Oregon; August 3rd
  • Moving Tribal Formation for Flow with Mini-Choreos; TQNW: Gypsy Caravan Company; Portland, Oregon; August 3rd
  • Egyptian Accordian Baladi Dance Techniques; Astryd Farah deMichele; Eugene, Oregon; August 1st
  • Raks Al Assays (Egyptian cane); Latifa; Annapolis, Maryland; June 13th
  • Moves You Hopefully Never Thought Of Before; Amy Sigil of UNMATA; Hillsboro, Oregon; April 22nd
  • Dancing For the Video Camera!; Ayisha; Hillsboro, Oregon; April 22nd
  • American Tribal Style with Sabine; Sabine; Florence, Oregon; April 15th


  • Egyptian Folkloric Sampler, Vol 1-The South: Sa’idi, Ghawazee, Nubian; Latifa; Millersville, Maryland; February 12th
  • Turkish Karsilama Technique + Rampi Choreography Workshop; Piper of The Piper Method; Baltimore, Maryland; March 20th
  • Drum Solo: Practice and Theory; Latifa; Millersville, Maryland;


  • Moroccan choreographed piece; Callaway, Maryland;
  • Scarf Dance choreographed piece; Callaway, Maryland;
  • Basket Balancing and Choreography Workshop; Callaway, Maryland; July 24th
  • Baltimore Bellypalooza â„¢ Annual Event; Daughters of Rhea; Baltimore, Maryland; August 7th-8th


  • Sword Balancing and Choreography Workshop; Lusby, Maryland; April 26th‘Amaya’ Drum Solo Choreography Workshop; Samara; Lusby, Maryland; April 26thTribal Techniques and Movements Workshop; Henna Moon; Callaway, Maryland; November