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549546_596294083765386_67302252_nHeather began dancing at the tender age of 8, taking ballet and jazz in her hometown of Falmouth, Maine. At the age of 11 she was introduced to Oriental dance when her mother started taking lessons. This memory stayed with her into her adult years and encouraged her to take classes in 2002.

Heather, now an advanced dancer, performs cabaret, tribal and folkloric styles of Oriental dance. Turkish spoons, dances with scarves, and the sword are a few of her specialties. She, like many others, feels that her style is always changing and developing as she learns more and connects it with her personality. Part of her development as a dancer hinged on being diagnosed with MS at the age of 20 and with Chronic Pain Syndrome several years later, she made a deal with herself that if she could not master the beginner level then she would stop dancing. Fortunately, she was able to perform the beginner movements and found that belly dancing helps her cope with MS by increasing her level of energy, and flexibility. She has also noticed that it helps her manage her pain and stiffness due to her on going illness. Heather believes that dancing this great dance, and connecting with other women, has undoubtedly given her a greater sense of female strength.

Troupe member since 2004423780_360801837272333_2017787981_n

Regular Clas1374878_600739006654227_1025586162_ns Instruction (2002-present): Latifa, Belladonna, Karima, Yucy El-Banan, Veda Sereem, Anon

Workshops: Anasma, Heather Stants, Asharah, Belladonna, Mavi, Latifa, Ali of n.o.madic, Piper, Karima, Wendy Youssef, Nadirah Nasreen, Ebony, Zoe Jakes, Aziza Raqs, Suhalia Salimpour, Michelle De Vine, Suzanna Del Vecchio, Saqra, Aneena, Olivia Kissel (Zafira), Maria Hamer (Zafira), John Compton, Laurel Victoria Gray, Sera Solstice