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31228_1462052754986_1343480141_1189164_8239369_nTania has always loved to dance. She began taking bellydance in 2002 and fell head over heels with the beauty and strength of the dance (not to mention the opportunity to play dress-up).  Tania sees bellydance as a means to empower women and to help improve self-image. She seeks to create a supportive community of women through the connections made through the dance.

Tania currently teaches beginner bellydance classes through Calvert County Parks and Recreation at the Southern Community Center in Lusby, MD. Call 410-586-110428638_360801417272375_1916626188_n1 for the Southern Community Center, or current class schedule can be found HERE

Troupe member since 2007

Regular Class Instruction (2003-present): Latifa, Belladonna, Veda Sereem

Workshops: Anasma, Donna Mejia, Asharah, Belladonna, Mavi, Ali of n.o.madic, Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Mardi Love, Ebony, Chakra Sisters of the Tribal Grove, Piper, Melina, Rhea of Greece, Olivia Kissel (Zafira), Maria Hamer (Zafira), John Compton, Amy Sigil of UNMATA, Artemis, Kostana Sidwell, Lisa Zahiya, Desert Sin, Nala (Shakra), Suhaila Salimpour, Tempest, Sera Solstice, Fat Chance Belly Dance