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295939_477830348901664_600393824_nBefore bellydance came into her life, Becca had received no formal dance instruction. Actually, her first dance class ended in tears – an evil 4 year old pinched her, made her cry, and abruptly ended her short tenure as a dancer. That is, until she saw a bellydancer at the Renaissance Festival in 2003, and was immediately enamored. She enrolled in classes almost immediately and her life has never been the same.  Becca is one of the founding members of Troupe ‘Hip’notic, which has morphed in style and format since it’s beginning. She loves the collaborative artistic process that has developed over the years, and is especially thankful for the friendship and support found among the amazing women of this troupe.

Troupe member since 2004
Regular Class Instruction (2003-present):
Latifa, Asharah, Shems, Belladonna, Yucy El-Banan, Marta (ATS, Fat Chance Style), Veda Sereem, Anon (ATS,_SVC3566 Gypsy Caravan Style)

Workshops (2004-present):
Shems, Yasmin, Sera Solstice, Heather Stants, Bozenka (BDSS), Sharon Kihara (BDSS), Mira Betz, Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, Zoe Jakes, Donna Mejia, Olivia Kissel (Zafira), Maria Hamer (Zafira), John Compton, Belladonna, Mavi, Asharah, Onca, Mesmera, Fahtiem, Ansuya, Suhaila Salimpour, Wendy Youssef, Nadirah Nasreen, Karima, Yucy El-Banan, Latifa, Piper, Rehan Tuzsuz (Turkish Romany), Michael Ginsburg (Balkan Romani), Steve & Susan Kotansky (Hungarian, Romanian, Transylvanian & Greek Romani dances); Amy Luna (Rajasthani & Flamenco dance)

Recent Workshops:


  • Fluid! Heather Stants
  • Artful Isolations; Sera Solstice


  • Flow: Graceful Arms and Hands; Bozenka
  • Make your Drum Solo Spectacular; Issam and Zoe Jakes
  • Get Lateral; Sharon Kihara


  • The Art of Making it Weird (slow, lovely, and strange); Zoe Jakes
  • Isolations and Layering: A Slow Build to Complicated Layering; Mira Betz
  • Combinations for Improvisation and Choreography; Rachel Brice
  • Sultry Moves with an Old Timey Sensibility; Zoe Jakes
  • The Sweet and Low Down; Mardi Love
  • Dancing with Intention; Zoe Jakes
  • Unleashing the Inner Spaz!!!; Zoe Jakes
  • Skillet of Snakes; Mardi Love
  • Tribal Fusion Combinations; Asharah


  • Balancing Workshop with ROMKA; Mavi & Belladonna
  • Tribal Fusion Combinations; Belladonna
  • ATS; Wendy Youssef